The BLACKBOXBLUE Blog is an online forum created by Brad Swenson for sharing, analyzing, discussing, and appreciating movies, music, television, photography, and the various artistic fields that accompany them.


Brad Swenson
Filmmaker . Photographer

My biggest passions in life are captured on this blog. Not a day goes by that a movie, a song, a television show, or a photograph doesn’t capture my attention and inspire me in some way. I’m a Filmmaker and a Photographer who loves discussing and critiquing movies, music, television, and photography, both to contribute to the appreciation of these art forms and to enhance my own work.

Drew Admiraal
Student . Filmmaker . Photographer . Brad’s cousin

I’ve always been interested in films. Every time I would watch a movie as a kid, I would always wonder how the actors did the things they did. I was always interested in how the actors were “dead”. How did they lie that still? I was always asking questions to my parents about “how?”. Through the years, I’ve continued to be interested in films, and in recent years, I’ve wanted to make a film of my own. When I finally got a computer, I started to realize that my filming might be possible. I have a video camera that I bought about 3 years ago and I didn’t want to put my videos on the computer until recently, but I have a really old camera, so it’s not possible. I have been filming on my webcam and its actually fine. I started editing my videos and playing around with editing and trying different things, such as chroma key. I am still trying to find out more, but I love making films and working with computers, and one day it would be fun to direct or produce a film. Thanks for reading this long and slightly boring film history of Drew, but anyway, I’m done (phew). Thanks again!