Safety Not Guaranteed

MOVIE RATING:  4 stars (B+)

What a surprise of a movie!! It’s just awesome when you go into a theater for a film with no expectations for it to be as good as it ends up being. Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) is one of those rare theatrical treats. It just blew my mind at how fun and heartfelt it was considering its humble roots. It’s a real testament to the power and potential of indie filmmaking in this day and age when the democratization of filmmaking is better than its ever been. Jus as the poster promises, if you liked Little Miss Sunshine (2006), then you’ll probably dig this one. Not because the stories are similar, but because they’re both filled with quirky and interesting characters that are on personal journeys.

Written by Derek Connolly and directed by Colin Trevorrow, Safety Not Guaranteed is the first feature film for both. And they really hit a home run (or at least a triple) with this one. The writing is superb with realistic dramatic dialog paired with great comedic punches. I laughed, I cried and really connected with the story on an emotional level. And of course that’s in large part due to the phenomenal acting from Mark Duplass, Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson, and Karan Soni. The chemistry and camaraderie is just spectacular among these actors. They pulled off a story that in the hands of lesser actors, could go wrong really quickly.

With beautiful cinematography, good production design, solid editing and music that helps emphasize the story without overpowering it, Safety Not Guaranteed is guaranteed to take you away into a story that’s both believable and unbelievable. I really don’t want to say anymore because most of the fun of this film is knowing nothing going in. So I’ll leave my review at that.


Safety Not Guaranteed.Still001 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still048 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still047 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still046 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still045 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still044 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still043 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still042 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still041 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still040 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still039 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still038 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still037 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still036 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still035 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still034 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still033 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still032 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still031 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still030 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still029 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still028 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still027 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still026 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still025 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still024 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still023 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still021 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still020 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still019 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still018 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still017 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still016 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still015 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still014 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still013 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still012 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still011 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still010 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still009 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still008 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still007 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still006 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still005 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still004 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still003 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still002 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still049 Safety Not Guaranteed.Still050

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