Top 10 Movies of 2007

2007 was a year that many movie lovers consider one of the best of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Mainly because of There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men, the two epic Americana movies that battled it out for Best Picture at the Oscars. While I cheered for No Country For Old Men to win back in the Spring of 2008, I now believe There Will Be Blood is the much better film and the one that should have won Best Picture. But regardless, both are great movies that I own on blu-ray and appreciate much more now, 5 years later, than I did back in 2007.

10.  The Invisible  (4 stars)

The Invisible_Poster 01

9.  Elizabeth: The Golden Age  (4 stars)

Elizabeth The Golden Age_Poster 01

8.  Dan In Real Life  (4 stars)

Dan In Real Life_Poster 01

7.  Gone Baby Gone  (4 stars)

Gone Baby Gone_Poster 01

6.  Into the Wild  (4 stars)

Into the Wild_Poster 01

5.  No Country For Old Men  (4 stars)

No Country For Old Men_Poster 01

4.  Fracture  (4 stars)

Fracture Movie Poster

3.  The Bourne Ultimatum  (5 stars)

The Bourne Ultimatum_Movie Poster 01

2.  There Will Be Blood  (5 stars)

There Will Be Blood_Poster 03

1.  Sunshine  (5 stars)

Sunshine_Movie Poster 01x

I’ve really come around on P.T. Anderson’s groundbreaking film There Will Be Blood. While I appreciated it and liked it on first viewing, it’s taken the last 5 years and 2 additional viewings to really fall in love with it. If I had made this Top 10 list at this time last year, There Will Be Blood wouldn’t have even made it on the list, but now it’s sky rocketed into #2 after my purchase of it on blu-ray and subsequent third viewing. Part of my wants it to be #1 because it’s the more respected and cinematic choice, but if you ask me which movie I want to watch more, There Will Be Blood or Sunshine, most times, I’d pick Sunshine. Danny Boyle just created such an incredible “world” on the Icarus spacecraft and the one-way trip to blow-up the sun is just such a thrilling concept, that it touched the geek in me. Not to mention the audio and visual elements of the movie are simply spectacular! So for now, Sunshine remains my #1 movie of 2007.

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