The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

5 stars! 2 thumbs up! 

I’ve now seen the movie twice and it is time to blog about it… This was one of my favorite movies of all  time. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it was even better than The Dark Knight (although the joker is still by far and away the best villain thanks to Heath Ledger.) 

I want to first say that Christopher Nolan has to be one of the best directors of all time. Every movie in this series got better which is incredibly rare. For most series, the later movies are usually not as good (such as in Star Wars, the original 4,5, and 6 were way better than 1,2,3.) All I can say is… Please don’t make a Robin movie! I don’t think even Christopher Nolan could make that good.

Without spoiling anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I can say that the movie takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight and that Bruce Wayne has lost all interest in life following the death of Rachel. He never comes out of his room and people make lots of crazy rumors about him such as that he has incredibly long fingernails. When Bane becomes a problem, Bruce is forced to make a decision whether he will again wear the Batman suit and mask to fight evil for the city that thinks he is a murderer or listen to Alfred and be a hero for the city as himself and not as a masked vigilante. Bane is all about anarchy. It’s interesting to watch because the sequence of events in the movie reminds you a little of The French Revolution or similar uprisings. 

So what sets apart the Batman movies from all the other superhero movies. They all wear masks, they all have something special about them that sets them apart. But Batman is different. Looking at a biography of all the superheros, you may even say that Batman is the worst and weakest because he doesn’t actually have any superpowers. Superman can fly and do pretty much everything. So why is Batman my favorite and the favorite of so many others? Why are they the best superhero movies?

1. They allow you to empathize with the character. Maybe you’ve never been in The League of Shadows but you have overcome struggles and Bruce Wayne does this. We can relate to him and as the movie progresses, we feel his struggles and we know how hard it must be to make the decision between being a hero himself and tearing down the name of Harvey Dent or giving the city a hero with a face and not one behind a mask. 

2. The movies are deep. They force the viewers to really think versus being all about explosions and car chases (not that there’s anything wrong with explosions and car chases. There are some great car chases and explosions in Batman too.) But these movies go to the core of human nature and examine it while still providing all the essentials of a good superhero movie (explosions and car chases.)

3. The writing, directing, filming, music, and acting is excellent. These are all- around good movies and even in superhero movies, there is something to be said for a good plot with twists and surprises. The original Superman movie is great but in the end, he just turns back time with his superpower. What’s the fun of that? 

4. I don’t know about you, but when I see Batman, and the picture below, I get really excited. Yes, Batman, save the day! Batman is just an epic superhero! 

Lastly, what made this movie better than the last Batman movie? The joker is undoubtedly the best villain ever but this movie was still better. Why? 


If you have or haven’t seen the movie, thank you for reading and I highly recommend you see it! 











What made this movie better than the last one for me was the sequence of scenes of Bruce Wayne in the dungeon. Almost all the scenes were great but this particular sequence is what really made the movie for me. Bruce Wayne goes in caring less whether he would live or die. But he learns that a healthy fear of death only makes you stronger. He tries and fails twice to make the jump. On the second time, I was almost sure he would make it. But the doctor tells him the story of the child who climbed out and tells him he must, “make the jump as the child did, without the rope.” The Bat was also very cool as was the first scene when Bruce returns to Gotham and lights up the bridge with a giant bat. All around great movie.




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