Top 5 Movies of 2012 (6 Months In)

We’re halfway through the 2012 movie calendar year, so it’s time to list my Top 5 movies of so far…6 months in. I’ve only seen about 15 movies from the year so far, so it’s a limited list to choose from. There are a bunch of movies released in 2012 that I still want to catch up with: The Grey, Chronicle, Boy, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Jeff Who Lives At Home, The Deep Blue Sea, The Hunter, The AvengersBernie, Hysteria, Lola Versus, and To Rome With Love. But here are the Top 5 I’ve seen:

5.  Your Sister’s Sister  (3.5 stars)

4.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  (3.5 stars)

3.  Prometheus  (3.5 stars)

2.  The Hunger Games  (3.5 stars)

1.  Safety Not Guaranteed  (4 stars)


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