Civil Twilight – Letters From The Sky



It’s gotta be a pretty amazing song to create not just one great music video for it, but two. “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight, off their self-titled debut album “Civil Twilight”, is just that: an absolutely amazing song. What strikes me about their first video for the song is the shear simplicity of it. It’s all about lighting and composition, with a dark brooding build-up of drama. I wish it was in HD to fully appreciate the incredible photography. The second video also has a really simple concept and beautiful execution with the use primarily of natural light. Both characters in the narrative of this video are appealing on camera and I love how the camera lingers on them.

I’ll let these 2 music videos and the still images from them say the rest. Pure photographic and emotional poetry. Enjoy the music and the visuals.

Purchase music from Civil Twilight on iTunes or Amazon.

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