Top 10 Movies of 2009

Working my way backwards through the first decade of the 2000’s, here’s my list of the Top 10 Movies of 2009. It was a great year for smaller movies, with Star Trek being the only “big budget” movie making my list. Every single one of these films is worth a watch if you haven’t seen them already. I’ve watched most of them several times now.

10.  Brothers  (4 stars)

9.  It Might Get Loud  (4 stars)

8.  Star Trek  (4 stars)

7.  Inglourious Basterds  (4 stars)

6.  The Hurt Locker  (4 stars)

5.  Up In The Air  (4 stars)

4.  Moon  (4.5 stars)

3.  Crazy Heart  (4.5 stars)

2.  A Single Man  (5 stars)

1.  (500) Days Of Summer  (5 stars)

I had a hard time choosing my #1 film of 2009 since both A Single Man and (500) Days of Summer are perfect (5 stars) in my own eyes. I had A Single Man as my #1 for a long time, but after repeated viewings of both, I think I’ve finally settled on (500) Days of Summer as my #1 for the year. It’s just so easy to re-watch over and over and enjoy every single time. I feel the same way to a large extent about A Single Man, but I have to be in a different mood for A Single Man. It plays better when watching it by myself. Whereas (500) Days is easy to watch with others because of its comedy. The bottom line is that both movies are spectacular pieces of cinematic craft by first-time directors. And since I went to high school with the director of (500) Days, Marc Webb, I probably am giving him the hometown “win”.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies of 2009

  1. Fairly solid gathering here, Brad! I don’t think CRAZY HEART gets the kind of rounded attention that it deserves. Bold move putting 500 at the top of the list. Lot’s of interesting inventions and inversions there. It’s the archetype of the new Romantic Comedy. Personally, BASTERDS was a half-tragedy, but I couldn’t be more excited for Tarantino’s new work. He’s got much to prove, but an unearthly amount of potential. And STAR TREK really was a marvelous piece of film in most respects. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks, Matt! I’m stoked for Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” later this year. If he brings the same great style he did with Basterds to that project with the incredible cast he has, we could be in for a treat. It’s funny about Star Trek…in 2009 I was kinda disappointed in the film, mostly I think because my expectations were so high for it. But after seeing it play over and over and over again on EPIX and other cable channels, it really grew on me. I think I underrated it 3 years ago, but now I really appreciate it.

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