Four Them (Short Film) – First Look

I apologize for the lack of new blog posts this year, but I’ve been busy writing, producing, and directing my own first short film. Here are a few promotional still images from it. We just finished production on it and are now in post. It was shot entirely on Canon EOS DSLR’s, mostly the 7D, but also the 5D MkII and 60D. We plan to get this short into the film festival circuit next year (2013).

You can “LIKE” Four Them and follow the film on Facebook.

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About Brad Swenson

Appreciating and contributing to the art and craft of movies, television, videos, and photography is my daily mission in life. My canvas for expression is emotion. I'm driven to discover and share interesting stories about people, their actions, their thoughts, their feelings, their work, and their contributions to the web of life.

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