The Script – For The First Time


I’ve been in love with this song ever since I first heard it. It’s just got a raw energy that I connect with. The Script is one of those bands you’ve probably heard on the radio but maybe haven’t connected their music with their name. This song is the one that finally made that connection for me. The music video for this song is excellent. I love the mixture of different looks they’ve thrown together here: black & white, modern and vintage colors, and all the shades in between. It really works. And the weaving of a sort of cinematic story between the 2 characters and footage of the band is a technique that almost always works in music videos. I’m not sure what kind of cameras were used for shooting this video, but some of the footage has the look of the Canon 5D with its extremely shallow depth of field. The in-and-out of focus look of the band footage really works, especially in contrast with the rest of the video. I can’t say enough about the impressive use of lighting in this video, both natural and artificial. Just ponder the beauty and artistry in the 70+ still images below from the video. Each one tells a story and fits beautifully with the music. The filmmakers involved in this project really came through and created a piece of work that matches the craftsmanship and talent within The Script. I’m looking forward to their next video for sure!




Purchase this song or the entire Science & Faith album at iTunes or Amazon, and incorporate The Script into your music collection if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.


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