Redlight King – Old Man


Redlight King’s “Old Man” is a really great example of the brilliance that can come from taking something old and giving it new life. From “sampling” someone else’s work to inspire your own. Every artist is inspired by other artists and it comes through either consciously or subconsciously…but it comes through. This is a direct example of one artist taking another artist’s work and giving it a modern remix…reinvigorating it and making it totally badass!! In this case, it’s Neil Young’s “Old Man”. And Redlight King uses it as the canvas for this new musical painting.

When I first heard this song, I was blown away by its pure cool factor. It just oozes old spice, grease, and sweat. It’s a man’s song. Of course the title says so…Duh?!!

I finally checked out the music video for this song today, after purchasing the song on iTunes. I’ve been hearing the song on the radio in the car while driving the last few months…turning up the volume every time it played. But I wanted the song on my iPod finally so that I could turn up the volume at home as well. I absolutely love this music video. It’s just like the song. Pure cool. The photography is simple, gritty, and urban. Just like the song. Filled with out-of-focus detail shots of both the ordinary and extraordinary, the director of photography did a great job capturing the “old man” side of Los Angeles where I assume this video was shot. It’s a look at L.A. that we don’t see often, and I like that. As usual with great photography, the lighting is key, both natural and artificial. Both are used to great effect in this video, the camera capturing magic hour light and nighttime scenes equally well. I have no clue what kind of camera was used to shoot this video, but if I was guessing, I would guess the Canon 5D. It has the look and feel I’ve come to expect from that camera, with extremely shallow depth of field when desired.

Overall, I can’t say enough for how much I appreciate the craft and creativity that went into this song and video. Make sure watch the behind-the-scenes promotional video below about Redlight King as well. It’s also a great piece of work with incredible photography, heartfelt emotion, and plain old soul.




Purchase music from Redlight King at iTunes or Amazon.

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