What Makes a Movie a Classic?

This is a relatively easy question to answer. There are 5 basic things that make a movie a classic.

1. Longevity- The movie must have survived the test of time. For a book, the test of time is around 500 years but for a movie, it is only about 10 years because movies are made and forgot very often.

2. Expediency- In a nutshell, the movie has to be worth watching. It must be full of good things like symbols and themes which make it worth discussing and watching over and over again.

3. Influential- When you watch the movie, you must be inspired to be or do something.

4. Universal Themes- The movie has to have recognized themes which are covered deeply so you can’t just watch the movie once and know everything about it.

5. Amazing Acting, Soundtrack, Cinematography, etc.- This is all the surface stuff that draws the watcher in to the deeper stuff.

-Drew Admiraal


2 thoughts on “What Makes a Movie a Classic?

  1. I agree with your 5 points Drew. I think you hit just about everything that I look for in the best movies (or classic as you call it). I would expand #5 to encompass a great script (writing is where it all starts at the foundation), a director with a vision and style, good acting, good production design, good cinematography, good music, good sound, good editing, good costumes and make-up, and good special/visual effects (at least for modern movies). To me #5 is the packaging (the gift wrap) that the first 4 items (the present itself) comes in.

  2. Wow! Almost makes me want to watch a movie sometime when I get the time off from gardening, preparing food from the garden, eating and enjoying the food from the garden, talking with my husband after enjoying a great meal together, and thanking God for his abundance of provisions for my sustenance, and then sweetly sleeping for several hours. Your points are well-taken though. Thanks for sharing and hopefully we can share a movie we can both gain from also. 🙂

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