The Lonely Island

WARNING:  The content in the videos linked within this blog post are for mature audiences and contain raunchy & explicit language…but they’re also REALLY FUNNY!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you if this stuff offends you.

I admit that I’m pretty serious and “dramatic” most of the time in my blog posts, reviewing and analyzing movies, music videos, photography, and TV in a professional and intelligent manner. But sometimes all of that just needs to be thrown out the window so you can just enjoy a good laugh. And The Lonely Island (comprised of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer) are absolutely brilliant at making me laugh my ass off!!! They even do it in a professional and dramatic way, with music videos that have some of the same production values as mainstream Hollywood movies. With gorgeous photography, production design, epic sound, incredible acting, and everything else you can think of.

I’ve been a little behind on watching The Lonely Island’s hilarious music videos, but I caught up this week after I saw their new music video “3-Way (The Golden Rule)” on the season finale of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Justin Timberlake. It’s the third video in a series done by Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake, which started with “Dick In A Box” and then “Motherlover”, both of which I saw on SNL when they each debuted. All 3 of the videos are just hilarious. It’s great to see an incredibly talented musician and actor like JT willing to participate in making fun of himself and others. Watch the “dick in a box” trilogy in order:




In addition to this series of funny music videos/digital shorts from Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake, The Lonely Island have been making their own music albums with big-time featured guest artists. Here are my favorite music videos these guys have come up with so far. Amazingly, some of the music is really good in these videos too, standing on its own! But of course it’s all meant to give us a smile and make us laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine and these guys are in my medicine cabinet for when I need them. I gotta say the Jack Sparrow video with Michael Bolton is probably my favorite of the bunch…it has made me laugh so hard. But all 5 of these are killer!!







Purchase music from The Lonely Island on iTunes or Amazon. Or just enjoy their music videos over and over like I do.


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