2010 Oscar Wrap-up

And the Oscar goes to…

The Academy Awards (Oscars) for 2010 are over and we have all the final award winners to ponder now for the next year. The big winners are The King’s Speech and Inception, both with 4 Oscars each. The King’s Speech won most of the big awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. Inception won Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Sound Editing. Of the 11 major award categories that I chose picks for in my Oscar Nominations blog post, 4 of them won. But from a predictions standpoint, most of the winners were the expected ones this year. I can’t think of any shocking surprises. I’ll keep this post pretty short and sweet, the same as the goal for the Oscar telecast itself.


While I expected The King’s Speech to win, I was rooting for The Social Network to upset it. But ultimately I voted for Inception as Best Picture 2010. At the end of the day, The King’s Speech is a great movie and I’m glad to see a film with great writing, incredible acting, and excellent filmmaking craft win the award. This year’s 10 nominees really outshined last year’s pack in so many ways. And stood out above many of the nominees from the past decade.


I really thought David Fincher would get this one, but it’s hard to pick the Best Picture and not award the Best Director to the filmmaker behind that Picture. So I can see why Tom Hooper won. I just think that as a director, Fincher was more deserving for the vision and artistry he brought to The Social Network. He surprised us all compared to the other nominated directors. But I know Fincher will get his due someday. Along with my Best Director pick, Christopher Nolan.


Great job awarding Colin Firth, Academy!…for his work in A Single Man AND The King’s Speech. And nice nod to director Tom Ford by Colin Firth in his acceptance speech. I will say I was ok with Jesse Eisenberg or James Franco upsetting Firth, even though I didn’t expect it. I’ve come to really appreciate their performances from last year as well.


Boo hoo…I was rooting for Annette Bening…but I will admit that Natalie Portman really made Black Swan what it is. And I can see why she won. I was voting more old school in this category.


No surprise that Christian Bale won. Really, any of the 5 nominated actors could’ve or should’ve won this category. They were all stellar performances. I was rooting for Jeremy Renner, but I really loved John Hawkes, Mark Ruffalo, and Geoffrey Rush as well. All around this was a great year for Best Supporting Actors.


Awesome that Melissa Leo won for her performance in the film The Fighter…and not for people’s expectations or disappointments in her performance for her Oscar Campaign. So what if people didn’t like her nomination photos. That shouldn’t take away from her work in her films. Glad to see the Academy voters saw through that media bullshit.


Inception and Director of Photography Wally Pfister couldn’t be more deserving and the Academy got this one right! I do love Roger Deakins’ work, but he’ll win for something else I hope. Pfister helped make Inception the Best Picture through his work and so I really wanted him to win.


Glad to see the Academy recognized the incredible film editing that made The Social Network an engaging film. Without the skill and talent of editors Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter, this film probably would have been a much tougher watch. Of course, I was hoping Inception would get nominated in this category, but out of the nominees, The Social Network and 127 Hours most impressed me with their film editing.


I’m seriously pissed off that Hans Zimmer once again gets snubbed by the Academy in this category. Of all the film scores, I think Inception depended more on its music to tell its story than any other. The Social Network was definitely my 2nd choice here, but I can’t believe the only Oscar Zimmer has for his unbelievable body of work is his win for The Lion King…PLEASE!!!! This is ridiculous in my opinion that the best music composer in Hollywood keeps getting unrecognized for his craft. Oh well…because Zimmer is so prolific, I’m sure he’ll get more nominations for many more years. Still…


No surprise that David Seidler won for The King’s Speech and certainly he earned it for the incredible dialogue in the film. But…Inception was such a truly “original” concept and story that it deserved this win. Someday Christopher Nolan will get his due from the Academy!


Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network. No surprise and nothing more to say. I agree.

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