Under The Hood – Movie Poster

I was working on editing the photos for my upcoming Under The Hood short film, when during that process, the image that you see in the above poster really inspired me. I did my usual tweaking of color and contrast to the photo, then started adding text to create some sort of promo image for the short film. Eventually after a few hours of playing with the text, I came up with this idea of aligning the title of the film with the sloping tailgate of the truck in the image. And then came the other text along side it. And then came the addition of all the extra white space above the truck to give the poster the typical vertical orientation. Plus I loved the composition of the the truck weighing down the bottom part of the poster and negative space giving the top an “airy” and light feeling.

BAM!!!…Here’s my new movie poster for this short film project. It’s got me inspired to get cranking on editing the film and getting a rough cut. I think I’ve got music selected for it too, which was also part of the inspiration for the poster design. Seems like most things I design start with music somehow. It’s music that really feeds my creative spirit and gets my artistic soul singing!

Here’s the original raw photo that I started with for comparison:

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About Brad Swenson

Appreciating and contributing to the art and craft of movies, television, videos, and photography is my daily mission in life. My canvas for expression is emotion. I'm driven to discover and share interesting stories about people, their actions, their thoughts, their feelings, their work, and their contributions to the web of life.

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