The #1 Movies of the 2000s

(Updated on June 6, 2012)

It’s that time of year when we start getting everybody’s Top Ten lists for the year. I’m not ready to declare my Top 10 Movies for 2010, and probably won’t be until midway through next year! I just haven’t seen all the movies I want to see yet. But I am ready to take my stab at the #1 movies for each year of the first decade of the 21st century (The 2000’s). So here we go!

2000:  Gladiator  (5 stars)

2001:  Life as a House  (5 stars)

2002:  The Bourne Identity  (5 stars)

2003:  The Last Samurai  (5 stars)

2004:  The Bourne Supremacy  (5 stars)

2005:  Brokeback Mountain  (5 stars)

2006:  The Prestige  (5 stars)

2007:  The Bourne Ultimatum  (5 stars)

2008:  Jumper  (5 stars)

2009:  (500) Days of Summer  (5 stars)

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Appreciating and contributing to the art and craft of movies, television, videos, and photography is my daily mission in life. My canvas for expression is emotion. I'm driven to discover and share interesting stories about people, their actions, their thoughts, their feelings, their work, and their contributions to the web of life.

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