Clearing The Air


I ran across the short film Clearing The Air (2009) from Australia through a circuitous route recently. I watched the trailer for the upcoming action/adventure film Sanctum (2011), and was curious about new actor Rhys Wakefield after seeing him in the trailer. So I checked out his body of work on and came across this short film he was in. I then found the film on YouTube and watched it. It’s a good short film about the relationship between a father and son. Part of why I’m blogging about this is just to share the idea of short films. With the advent of YouTube and its 10 minute maximum video length, I see the resurgence of short film coming about. While short films have traditionally been the food for film schools and film festivals, I think they represent a powerful future form of entertainment on the internet that is currently undervalued. With our fast-paced modern lifestyle, we don’t always have time to sit down and watch a 2-hour movie. Or even an hour-long TV show. So why not provide high quality short films as another entertainment product available to consumers? The other obvious advantage of short films is their significantly reduced cost to produce. Because they may be only 5 to 45 minutes in length, they can be made for a fraction of the cost of feature length films. And to be honest, some stories simply aren’t worthy of being told for 2 hours. Why not tell a story really well in 10-15 minutes instead of trying to stretch it out for 90 minutes? As a self-proclaimed entertainment connoisseur, I for one simply want great entertainment, regardless of the length or format of it. And I think we will see short films as being a more viable option as video takes over the internet more and more…and the internet takes over our TV more and more.

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Appreciating and contributing to the art and craft of movies, television, videos, and photography is my daily mission in life. My canvas for expression is emotion. I'm driven to discover and share interesting stories about people, their actions, their thoughts, their feelings, their work, and their contributions to the web of life.

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