Inception – Revisited


FILM RATING: 5 stars

I saw Inception (2010) for a second time on my birthday (September 1) last month. It’s rare that I see a movie more than once in the theater, but Inception is such a brilliant movie that it has been haunting me in my thoughts since I saw it on Opening Day (July 16)…and still is! You can read my original review for my overview of the film and initial thoughts. I’m upgrading my rating of the movie from 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5. I just can’t see how this movie could be improved. And since it has moved up into my Top 25 movies of all time, I feel it deserves a perfect score along with the other 24 films that fall in that range. I’m planning to see Inception once more at the cheap seats before it leaves the theaters for good. I’m anxiously awaiting the DVD/Bluray release of the film, which will hopefully come out before the end of the year if we are lucky. I’ll definitely be adding this flick to my collection on bluray!

The ending of Inception is what gets me every time. When they land in L.A. and get their luggage at the airport, the buildup from the film peaks beautifully and I always find myself feeling the “magic” of movies when you see DiCaprio walk past Cillian Murphy and see in his eyes that Inception worked. It’s truly a brilliant scene! This is a movie that I have a feeling will be in regular viewing rotation for the rest of my life. It’s one of those movies like Field of Dreams (1989) or Dances With Wolves (1990), where I watch it to “connect with the universe” as I like to say. It has a message that is so at the core of life, that as you live life, you can always revisit the movie and get a new perspective on that message. To be honest, all my Top 100 movies speak to me in that way to some degree, some more than others.

After watching Inception for a second time, I really appreciated Hans Zimmer’s score so much that I stopped by Best Buy and purchased it on CD. I’ve been listening to it fervently since then, and it is definitely now one of my Top 10 original soundtracks of all time. Zimmer is simply a master at music for film. I can see why director Christopher Nolan chose Zimmer for this film. Who else would you possibly pick?! Zimmer created the music for half of my Top 10 soundtracks.

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