Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2010

I just finished reading my Fall Movie Preview Issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, and I’m excited to see the following 10 films this Fall (Click on the name of each movie, under the poster, to go to the movie trailers):

1.  Tron: Legacy.  Make sure you watch both trailers AND the VFX Concept Test video. If this movie lives up to the potential I see in the trailers, it could be a billion dollar blockbuster. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the original Tron (1982), but this sequel looks and feels really awesome! I hope the story is as good as the trailers.

2.  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I love the original Wall Street (1987), it’s an Oliver Stone masterpiece. Again, the trailer looks good and I’m excited to see where the story goes for Mr. Greed Is Good. As they say about many things in life and business, timing is everything. And seems like the timing for this movie is very apropos.

3.  Nowhere Boy. The story of the man behind Imagine and The Beatles…before both. I’m very interested to see this little indie pic with new actor Aaron Johnson of Kick-Ass fame.

4.  The Social Network. Another movie where timing is everything. Seems to me like Facebook is fading a bit already…but the story behind its creation looks very interesting from the trailers. I’ve always loved writer Aaron Sorkin’s work (like The West Wing).

5.  127 Hours. Director Danny Boyle, Actor James Franco, and the story of a guy who cut off his own arm to save his life. Are there really any other reasons needed to see this flick? Plus any movie set in the desert southwest’s incredible scenery has to look incredible.

6.  Secretariat. I’m a sucker for a good horse racing story. I grew up with The Black Stallion (1979) and The Black Stallion Returns (1983). Not exactly cinematic masterpieces, but they grabbed me as a kid. I felt that connection between the boy and the horse in that movie (of course I’m highly allergic to horses ironically!). Secretariat made his Triple Crown run the year I was born: 1973. So it’ll be cool just to see what life was like in 1973 as portrayed in this film. You gotta have a feel good family flick in the mix every now and then…and this looks to be the next Miracle (2004). Also, I’m SUPER STOKED about the new HBO horse-racing tv series “Luck” starring Dustin Hoffman, from writer David Milch of Deadwood fame. It’s supposed to air in early 2011. Apparently Michael Mann is directing the pilot…I love it!!

7.  The Town. Ben Affleck is hitting his trifecta with this film: writing, directing and acting in it. Trailer looks good and Affleck has been back to his Good Will Hunting (1997) talent lately. Gone Baby Gone (2007) was a great directorial debut for him and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in this flick. Plus Jon Hamm from one of the best shows on TV right now: Mad Men.

8.  The American. Just the poster and the fact that it opens next week on my birthday is enough to get me interested…maybe I’ll check it out for my birthday movie viewing. Either that or a second viewing of Inception!

9.  Nice Guy Johnny. I totally admire and appreciate Ed Burns as both an actor and an indie filmmaker. I just listened to a podcast with him about the making of this movie on Apple’s “Meet The Filmmaker” podcast series in iTunes. He shot this film on a low budget using one of the Red digital cinema cameras. Burns is a bit of maverick and wants to make the kind of movies he want to make…and he’s finding a way to do that with new technology and new thinking. Check out the podcast with him. Oh…and the movie looks good from the trailer as well. I like the story of this guy following his dream job…and his dream woman.

10.  Blue Valentine. A Sundance Film Festival fave, this little relationship indie is basically about the ups and downs of this married couple over a few years. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star. Seems to be the “darkest” of my 11 picks. It’s got some indie cred and buzz with it.

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