Quantum of Solace

FILM RATING: 3.5 stars

James Bond is back!! I know a lot of people have said that for years and for many of the past few Bond films. But I haven’t really dug any Bond movie since I was a teenager when The Living Daylights (1987) and License To Kill (1989) with Timothy Dalton came out. Pierce Brosnan just didn’t do anything for me as 007. I also like some of the old school Sean Connery and Roger Moore Bond movies, like Goldfinger (1964), A View To a Kill (1985), and Octopussy (1983).

But with Quantum of Solace (2008), director Marc Forster brought some depth of character and emotional darkness to Bond that’s been missing for awhile. And actor James Craig is bringing depth to the character as well.  It’s no longer JUST about action and sex. And I’m certainly not saying that Bond should not have action and sex, but I think Forster brought more to the story in a better way than director Martin Campbell did with Casino Royale (2006). Even though the “bad guy” storyline in this movie is weak IMO, I still really liked the movie. I think its a movie about Bond, and that’s what really interests me.

As with any Bond movie, the action and chase scenes are top notch. I especially love watching Bond zoom down the road in his Aston Martin. The car scene in Italy is gorgeous. I was surprised that the movie didn’t start with that trademark “James Bond walking towards the camera and then shooting at us” opener. And no James Bond signature music at the beginning either. I’ll be honest and say that I did miss that classic Bond stuff right at the beginning. But I’ll forgive the director and still give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The photography in the film is top notch, as is the production design.  I’m amazed at all the incredible architecture shown in the film, like in many recent movies. It’s great to see cool buildings whenever possible. Enjoy some stills from the film…and don’t you just love those movie poster designs above?!

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