Eagle Eye

FILM RATING: 3.5 stars

I was very surprised that Eagle Eye (2008) was better than I thought it would be, giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars.  I remember when I first saw the trailer that it definitely intrigued me, but then when it came out it didn’t seem to go over that well with the critics and public. And now I just got to seeing it a few weeks ago.  Of course sometimes the timing of a movie is key as well. This one hit theaters in September of 08, kind of a slow month typically for movies. The movie takes the plots of several different movies and combines them into this new telling of a familiar story. I immediately thought of Will Smith’s excellent film Enemy of the State (1998) with Gene Hackman, the movie Se7en (1995) with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and The Bourne movies with Matt Damon.  The images below of Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan walking on a dirt road under massive power lines are immediately recognizable from the famous final scenes of Se7en set in an eerily similar context.  Even the van delivery vehicle approaching them is the same as in Se7en. I half expected a head in a box! While I love the feel of this context/location both in Se7en and now Eagle Eye, it did feel a little too copycat like.

Of course the Big Brother feel in the movie is instantly recognizable from Enemy of the State, the awesome techie movie from director Tony Scott, brother of director Ridley Scott, and the man who has certainly made a movie you’ve seen. Just look at his filmography and you’ll be wowed by his catalog of movies. Same of course for his brother Ridley Scott, one of my favorite directors, with an equally impressive filmography. Seems that both brothers were blessed by the movie gods! Eagle Eye also has the fast paced action and movement across land that The Bourne movies have taken as their iconic film motif. Eagle Eye rarely sits still as it bounces the 2 main characters off of every possible moving object known to man. I loved the cinematography and production design on Eagle Eye.  The sets are beautifully imagined and look incredible, especially the Eagle Eye mainframe computer room.  Those glowing light bulb orbs all around the room are super cool!

While Eagle Eye does feel a bit like a Hollywood re-tread of the last 20 years, I still recommend it as good escape movie that will take you out of the ordinary Big Brother world we all live in now and plop you in a world where its all put to important use instead of mechanical monotony.

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