There’s really not much for me to say about the television series Lost other than WATCH IT!!!  So much has been said about this show and I don’t feel like I have anything to really add at this point.  I’m still overwhelmed by it!  Lost is quite simply one of the best television series ever.  The storytelling is phenominal, the acting and production quality is at blockbuster movie levels, and the show will keep you guessing right till the end.  It just wrapped up this past month with its six-season run and while the series finale in my opinion was not “enough”, what it did do is remind me how great all of the shows and seasons before the finale were.  I really appreciate this series and have since I saw the pilot six years ago.  I’ve been a Lost fan throughout, anxiously awaiting each episode.  I can’t wait to view the entire series again in a few years after I’ve had time to process it.  And maybe then I can pontificate with more astute things to say.

Be forewarned…the picture below (of the character Desmond from the final season) is how you will feel at some point while watching the show…but it’s so worth it!  Trust me.

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