The Exploding Girl – First Look

Another film discovery of mine simply due to the movie poster image: The Exploding Girl.  I can be such a “label whore” sometimes!  This film is scheduled to be released this spring and appears to be an interesting little character-driven story.  I’m definitely drawn to character driven stories.  I simply love great acting…and usually that takes a story driven by characters instead of special effects or action.  Of course there are some great action and special effects movies with great characters and acting.  But the last 10-15 years seems to have prioritized technology over story IMO.

I really LOVE this movie poster.  It’s such an evocative image with this young woman sitting on a roof at sunset with all of these birds flying above her.  The image is just filled with emotion to me and draws me in to find out what is going on in the mind of this girl on the roof.  This poster reminds me of Switchfoot’s new album cover that I discovered recently as well.

Here are a few still images that WOW me from the trailer to The Exploding Girl…photographer Eric Lin has created some simply stunning imagery that I am in pure awe of.  I look forward to discovering if the story crafted by Writer/Director Bradley Rust Gray is as good.  The reason I have become a filmmaker is because great films involve all of the visual and communication arts that I love: Graphic Design, Storytelling, Photography, Architecture, Fashion, Acting, etc.  I can’t wait to put all of my talents to work for an art form that has nourished me since birth.

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Appreciating and contributing to the art and craft of movies, television, videos, and photography is my daily mission in life. My canvas for expression is emotion. I'm driven to discover and share interesting stories about people, their actions, their thoughts, their feelings, their work, and their contributions to the web of life.

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