Train – Save Me, San Francisco

Finally got to see Train live in concert last night at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona.  Great show!  They teamed up with Five For Fighting who played half a dozen songs before them.  But Train was clearly the main act and were the best in my opinion.  While I love a bunch of Five For Fighting’s songs…especially the new “Chances” tune…the music just didn’t hold up Live as well as recorded.  But I’m still glad to have seen John Ondrasik…who is the guy who makes up Five For Fighting.  The name implies a group of guys, but it’s really just John.  I love the photos from Five For Fighting’s album covers…especially those first two photos:

Train opened with the song Parachute from their new album Save Me, San Francisco.  It took me by surprise simply because I had not heard the song before and I own all of Train’s previous albums.  The new album came out at the end of October and I guess I missed its debut.  I had heard their new single “Hey, Soul Sister”…which I have gradually fallen in love with also.  But I bought the new album today on iTunes mostly because of the song Parachute.  It’s a classic Train “rock” song that sparked my interest last night when they played it.  And for now it’s my favorite song off their new album!  But Pat Monahan, the lead singer, sang an incredible soft melody called “Marry Me” to close the show last night and that song stuck with me this morning too.

What I love about Train…and specifically lead singer Pat Monahan…is the amazing poetic absurdity of their lyrics.  Just listen to their songs and they have the most incredible words that are composed as art themselves…and combined with incredible music, makes Train who they are.  Pat has passion for his music and it shows in his songs and his performances.  Train is a bit of a music oddity in terms of genres and sound…they appeal to music lovers of all ages I think.  And that is something special IMO.  To wrap things up, here a few photos from last night’s show…Pat just never stood still, so he’s blurry in all my pics!

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