The Amazing Race

Next to Survivor, this is my favorite Reality TV game show.  Season 15 is coming to an end next Sunday and I’ve watched every single episode of every single season.  I know, I know…I should get a life!  But I just love this game show.  There’s something great about all of these various teams of 2 that compete to win a million dollars.  And I think part of what I love is that there is no “voting” like in most of the other reality game shows.  Here, it is simply all about getting to the finish line first.  And your own worst enemy is yourself and your partner.  No judges to impress, no trying to win over strangers to your side.  You just be yourself and race.

The producers and editors, along with the participants of course, always create great “characters” and storylines.  At the beginning of every season, I’m thinking “I wonder if these strange new people will be as good as players in the past”…and it never fails that I fall in love, and hate, with a new batch of people.  This season I just love the top 4 teams…and now top 3.  Meghan & Cheyne – the barbie & ken dolls who come to life.  Sam & Dean – the bickering gay brothers who yell at each other during a challenge but then hug & cry it out when its over.  Brian & Ericka – the black & white married couple who push & pull each other through each leg of the race.  And the recently departed Flight Time and Big Easy – Harlem Globetrotter teammates and best friends who surprise me every episode.

The Amazing Race is not my typical TV fare, which usually skews towards adult relationship dramas, and The Amazing Race is pretty much PG Family rated fare.  But its the stories and relationship dynamics set within the context of a race around the world that has kept this show on my must watch list since it premiered.  And having won 7 straight emmy’s for best Reality TV show, I guess a few other people agree!

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